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First up I need to correct a mistake I've made in a couple of my posts. I have been quoting the wrong season/year for which I will be aiming to race a PB Half Ironman. I am aiming to be at my best for the 2011/2012 season, not this summer.

With that out of the way, it's time to get to the tool that I will be using to guide my training. Working off the setting from the post What's Important I have started my Training Document. This will be dynamic document, that I will change and add to as required, but essentially it is my training guidelines. There are a few parts that makes this up. The first page will set the overriding goal and elements to my training. The rest will then cover the specifics, including what and how long the current phase covers, then get down to nuts and bolts of each week. Instead of getting to far into the rambling, I'll just present the first page:


Race a Personal Best at a Half Ironman/70.3 Triathlon in the 2011/12 season.

Previous PB: 4:35:39
Canberra City Half Ironman 2000, 1.9/90.1/21.1km:
Swim: 0:30:18
Bike: 2:36:19
Run: 1:29:02


· Consistency
· Make the most of each day, and in turn each year
· Break it down into manageable chunks
· Ensure progression
· Rest is a relative term
· Maintain balance between family, work, social, sport and the rest of life
· Switch “on” and “off” as required
· Be inspired by my own dreams and goals
· Be accountable


Base – redevelop a foundation for triathlon over the rest of 2010.
Focus – Pick 1 or 2 key races for the start of 2011 to aim for
Reassess – After the key races review what is required for the rest of 2011.


  1. Wow, the summer of 2011/12 is a long way off!

    I like how the swimmers are in focus in that photo... and the pier in the background.


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