Short But Long

Yesterday I headed out for a 2 hour run before work. Because it was shortened from 2:45 I decided to maintain my heart rate between 70-80% instead of the wider range of 60-80%. This worked well. In fact I just fell into a nice rhythm, losing myself in the steady fall of my feet. I took in the full moon lighting up the sky at the start, followed by the multi coloured sunrise. I ran through some fog that was very thick, but only came up to shoulder height. It was like looking down on the clouds. The run was over before I knew it.

This morning was a hard swim. It was my hardest swim so far this year. Totalling 2600m, it wasn't my longest, but it was painful. After a warm up incorporating plenty of technique work I launched into 9x200m. These were swum at around threshold pace with 45 seconds rest. The catch was that the first 25m of each interval was a sprint alternating butterfly, freestyle and backstroke. With my limited swim fitness, this adds a whole new level of pain, but is exactly the type of set I need to perform to help me break through to the next level. Not hurting enough the set finished with 4 x (25m fly/25m back - 50m sprint free) with 60 seconds rest. Shoulders burning, lats now incapable of pulling my arm through, it was over. I'm finally getting back some of my long forgotten swimming ability which is allowing me to enjoy the pool again.


  1. OUCH!

    After my swim the other day, I tried the get out of the pool, but I was so tired that I slipped right off the wall and back into the water. So, I can relate!


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