It Must Be Ironman Training

Currently I don't consider myself in actual Ironman training. Yes the Ironman is my main goal, but at the moment I like to think that I am training for two main reasons:
  1. Shepparton Half Ironman in November
  2. To be able to handle the specific Ironman training

It is not until December that I will consider myself in true Ironman mode. This does not mean I am taking it easy. This does not mean that I am not considering how my preparation is going in terms of the big dance. This does not mean my body is not developing into the type of machine to keep going and going. This does not mean my mind isn't developing that single minded focus that so often typifies the Ironman athlete.

There is a reason I write this. This morning at the start of my pre-work training session I had a simple thought. To me this thought flags the change in my mindset, and proves to me I am on the right track. The training was a 2 hour effort. My thought was simply:

That is not long enough.

Not long enough? I'm not sure at exactly which point my thinking has changed. I do know it wasn't long ago that I considered two hours a long effort. In fact, I was counting down the minutes hoping I could maintain a strong enough effort to the end. Now I am looking forward to the long days. The longer the better. Looks like I am truly back.


  1. Well, I guess Ironman is a 9 to 12 hour race, so is anything long enough?

    Thinking about you guys out there for hours makes my 14-17k daily runs seem easy.

  2. YES!

    and good luck on the 5k!


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