I love food, and with the amount of training I do, I need a lot of food to fuel my day. There are times when I love the fact that I can eat such a large volume. There are some rare times that I regret eating all that food. Today and yesterday have been one of those time.

To put a big dent in my training where I was meant to have completed a couple of long training days, I contracted a decent case of gastro. When the body decides that something in its digestive tract shouldn't be there, it aims to get rid of this by expelling everything inside. This is when I really wish I didn't eat much. So after a day and half of spending a good amount time on the toilet, things have slowed down. Training is an impossiblility. Just trying to get some nutrients and water in is all I'm really capable of achieving.


  1. Ick, sorry to hear. I must confess since giving up meat I have not had gastro once.

    You know what to do, lots of fluids and all that, hope you bounce back quickly.


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