The intention was to have minimal recovery time after the 10km on Sunday. I trained through the race, wore my training shoes and really focussed on a good cool down, hydrotherapy and stretching post race. The following I had a nice recovery ride, and an easy run later in the day. I didn't feel like I had run a solid 10km at all. Looks like I only needed one day of recovery, meaning I can actually fit in a full long run this morning. How good is that?

I was definitely being optimistic. I woke up this morning with my legs really feeling like they had been out there racing. Stupid delayed onset muscle soreness. I have not recovered, there is an obvious degree of muscle damage. So looks like I'm heading to the pool instead, and onto the bike later. Unfortunately due to my roster I won't be able to fit in a full distance long run. I'll be limited to 2 hours instead.


  1. Well done on you race on Sunday.

    Totally agree with your comments about the walkers. The way I see it we keep to the left on the road why they hell don't people do the same thing on the track. Hmmm, then again these are probably the same people that do 80km on the freeway in the right hand lane :-(

    I don't understand why people can't self seed either, even as a novice I had enough sense to line up in the appropriate place (the back!), it is a whole different story when you start running AV events, for obvious reasons everyone is far more switched on.


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