Looks like the gastro is over. I managed to sleep through the night without any interruption. Much better than the previous night where I don't think I got more than 30 minutes. After two days my body gettting rid of anything I attempted to put in it, I'm now five kilograms lighter. Not exactly the best kind of weight to lose, so today is all about recovery. No training, just a walk with the dog and a measured approach to restocking the nutrition and fluids.

Naturally I tried to identify the cause of the gastro. It doesn't seem to be caused by anything that I ate. My wife has been fine, and we both ate the same food that could have been the cause. All other food I prepared myself and being things like fresh fruit and vegetables I would be surprised if these were a problem. Also I tend to follow hygenic food handling out of habit. I've settled on that the cause was probably work. That's what you get for working with sick people. I have been almost obesessive with following the handwashing, gloving and standard precautions because there has been a large amount of gastro going about. Despite being careful, looks like something got through.


  1. 5kg?

    Take it easy for a while mate - that is a lot of weight lose.

  2. A good excuse for a few big meals at least, maybe a roast on the weekend with apple pie for desert :-)

  3. I'm very glad you are over it now. I hope you're taking it easy and replenishing now.


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