The Body Is A Machine...

...treat it like one.

I'm obviously back into good training mindset. This really showed on another turbo-trainer set. It was a set involving many short, but high intensity efforts. During the set I felt almost detached from my body. Everything was simple. Go this hard for this long, then change. Pain became irrelevant, yes it was there, in fact it was quite a painful work out, but the pain didn't matter. I felt like my mind was observing the body and just pressing switches so the legs would be working at the correct effort. Just like a machine.

It has been a long time since I felt like this. It is a mindset I enjoy and from previous experience has helped me to achieve some good training. It removes the emotion and negative thoughts from the head. In fact, it clears the head, a kind of meditation in motion. For me, it is a very good place to be. Now it is time to send the machine out for a long run.


  1. Great blog - I've been enjoying catching up on your recent posts since finding your comment on my blog (thanks for visiting, btw). It is interesting to read about someone training in the totally opposite season!

  2. Meditation in Motion. I love that phrase. That defined a run that I had perfectly. I just ran.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Ah Geez, Spring In Australia means Winter is upon on us in the U.S. YUCK!! What is a magpie?? Cheers


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