A Therapeutic

A few days off. Extra sleep. Nanna naps are so good.

This morning I was awake and feeling a lot better. Still not 100%, but much closer to it. I was itching to get back into some training. Not to be stupid I limited myself to an easy 40 minute run.

Heading out into the fog cut through with rays of sunshine. Crisp still air. A perfect winter's morning for running. T-shirt, shorts, headwarmer and gloves were the perfect combination. Warm enough not freeze, but still able to experience the refreshing cool air. I was tempted to push the pace on the hills, but remained settled enough not to give in.

This all seemed to result in kind of a rejuvenation. My muscles and joints loosened up. Any feelings of tiredness crept out of me. I finished feeling like I had gained energy from the run, instead of it taking some away. I believe Peter and Seb Coe termed these types of runs as a therapeutic. That is how it felt.


  1. That's the perfect run Jason. You remind me how few of those I'm getting - my long runs are slow and tiring and the short ones too intense to be therapeutic.

    Glad you're feeling better. I had conjunctivitis as a kid - not fun!


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