I've looked over my last few weeks of training. In my posts a few phrases stood out to me, signaling I should check on how the experiment is travelling.

"Now I feel as if I have passed the novelty stage of the different style of training"

Have the initial benefits been simply a result of just doing something different?

"Time for a bit of a rethink"

Self explanatory. It's been long enough to see what I am getting out of it.

"From a training and racing perspective my main goal is to get the most out of a limited time commitment."

Keeping the time capped at 6-10 hours per week. I need to make sure I am getting the biggest bang for my buck. I need to keep out the junk training.

"Something more directed is needed to stop me from losing motivation, slacking off or not getting enough out of training."

I have noticed with the random nature of my recent training there is a tendancy to fall back to a moderate intensity. It is my personality. Through all areas of my life I have needed direction, something to work towards. I need to see the steps ahead of me.

"Instead of working towards one big race, I simply aim to work on an ever increasing fitness and performance level. A level that I can race off at short notice. Mixed into all of this I also wish to enhance other areas of fitness. Move away a bit from the specificity of my previous training."

While I need a direction, there has to be room for variety. An ever increasing performance level is a goal itself. It just needs some refining.

"My current endurance limit is around 17km"

Without the work, the limits reduce. I can't simply hang on to the fact that I put in a couple of months of Ironman training earlier this year.

"The training should enhance my life."

Training shouldn't be a chore. It shouldn't take over or take away from the rest of my life. It has to make life better.


  1. The last two sentences said it all. Balance can be hard to find, whether it's balancing training and life or intensity and rest. Just because things worked before doesnt' mean they'll work again. That's part of the puzzle.


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