Model One Arm Push Up

Having dabbled in some basic gymnastic skills over the last few weeks, I now have more an idea about where my abilities currently are at. Where they are lacking is probably more precise. While I am still trying to keep a highly varied and somewhat random exposure to different training stimuli, I also need some sort of progression to work towards. To this end I am currently thinking about how to better establish some workable goals.

These goals will fall within the guidelines I have set up over the last few weeks. Currently I am trying to work what progressions will give me the biggest bang for the buck and lead to a good range of improvements. Another important factor is they have to be enjoyable (well, in the same way that a hard training session is enjoyable).

The first I progression I will include is working towards a Model One Arm Push Up. My interest was sparked after reading the following forum post: Crossfit forum Model One Arm Push Up.

In summary the first part of the progression is:

  1. 3x20 Close grip push ups + 3x Shoulder stability straight arm holds 30sec each
  2. 3x20 Triangle push ups + 3x Shoulder stability straight arm holds 60sec each
  3. Same as last two steps but with extended range of motion using raised platform
  4. Shoulder stability as above progress to including legs raise

This should keep me busy for the next month or so. Yet while being closer to a model OAPU, I'll still probably be only half way there.


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