Over the last few weeks I have been following my 15x6 template. I've included a mix of gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, plyometrics, circuit style training, parkour, flexibility, a little bit of swimming and cycling plus a fair amount of running. My plan is to keep training within 6-10 hours per week. Now I feel as if I have passed the novelty stage of the different style of training. Something more directed is needed to stop me from losing motivation, slacking off or not getting enough out of training. As mentioned before I need some directed goals to work towards. Here I offer some benchmarks that should keep me busy.

The following are the standards I am working towards. The steps that will take me there, I'll save for another time. Of importance to me, is that I do not to follow a traditional periodisation plan. Instead of working towards a single race, I wish to develop an all round level of fitness that I can race from with short notice. A gradual increase in workload capacity across a range of fitness modalities should achieve this. That said, I wish to achieve the following some time in the not too distant future.

Half Marathon sub 1:20:00
10km 35:00 flat
Street Orienteering: Top 3 in a Series 'A' course
Duathlon (sprint & short course): Top 3 Age Group finish
Triathlon (sprint & short course): Consistent Top 10 Age Group finish

Deadlift 2 x bodyweight
Squat 1.5 x bodyweight
Overhead Press 1 x bodyweight
Snatch 1 x bodyweight
Clean & Jerk 1.5 bodyweight
Pull Ups 20 strict
Push Ups 100 strict

Freestanding handstand
Freestanding handstand pushup
Planche pushup
Model one arm pushup

The Tegla (track workout)

  • 2x2000m @ 10km pace, 40sec rec
  • 3x1000m @ faster than 10km pace, 30sec rec
  • 2x400m @ 1500-3000m pace, 30sec rec
  • 5x200m max pace (800m pace or faster) 30sec rec

That's my basic list of benchmarks. Naturally there are other sessions that will be repeated and used to check my progress. Now I can better direct some of my energy. Looking to be faster, stronger and more powerful.


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