Ryefield C&J

Simple workout:

20min of repeated:
  • Clean & Jerk 30kg x 15
  • Run 300m (approximate, to the end of my court and back)

Only managed three complete rounds, plus a few extra C&J's. The tempo on the lift was slow, so that I could maintain a solid technique. Having completed it, I know I definitely could have increased the pace by significant amount.

It's interesting how you can see changes in your body the next day after such a workout. The muscles know they worked, but somehow feel primed and ready for more. The extension and range of movement demanded from the clean and jerks really stretched me out. Looks like I am seeing some progress across all areas.

I'll be curious to see if my half marathon time comes down a little after all the different training. Since Williamstown four weeks ago, the only specific training has been one 30km group run at a very, very easy pace plus an interval set of 2x2000 and 2x1000 at a bit faster than 10km race pace. Otherwise no running past 45min. However, the amount of plyometric style training and strength work has been considerable. I'll see what happens soon enough.


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