I was back on the running track for the first time in a few months. Time for my first VO2max session. Conditions were wet and windy with a good solid rain fall all morning. At least it wasn't too cold. I was still comfortable in shorts, shirt and gloves.

I shared the track with the usual walkers that seem to be a permanent fixture every morning. Everyone fitted in well following good track etiquette. It's refreshing to see. Since I was the only runner, I had the inside lane all to myself. Can't complain about that.

My legs felt good from the first step of my warm up, and my mind was already into gear before I had even arrived at the track. After twenty minutes I was ready to start the hard work. The set was:
2x1600m (800m jog), 1200m (600m), 1000m (600m), 800m @ 5-10km race

Not much to say about the session except it went exactly as planned. I was working hard, but was able to hold the appropriate paces. My breathing felt right up towards maximal oxygen uptake and while my legs were starting to burn at the end of each interval, the recovery jogs allowed me to dissipate the lactate so I could perform the next interval. After the cool down I felt like I had more energy than before I started running. That has to be one of the best ways to start a work day.


  1. That is a good solid session. I miss that stuff, I am a masochist who loves long intervals :-)

    Can't wait until I am allowed to do them again.

  2. Good session Jason. 5 to 10k race pace would seem about right. Very handy to be able to use lane one!


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