Two months ago I booked accomodation for the Shepparton Half Ironman to be held in November. Over the phone I gave my credit card details to secure this accommodation and thought everything was confirmed. Not so. Today I received an email from the motel thanking me for my enquiry, but saying they are sorry they no longer have anything available. Not happy!

It is always hard to get accommodation in Shepparton for the HIM, because not only does this event bring in a large number of people, but there are other events on this same weekend. Which is the reason I booked so far in advance. After leaving two messages on the motel's answering machine, it was time to move on. Luckily the first place I tried had just what we needed and at a cheaper price too. All booked, now I just have to keep training.


  1. That's a lucky break. Just have to keep training and arrive at the start in good shape - sounds simple when you say it quickly.


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