No Sweat

So what do you do when you have a couple of weekdays off work and training?

  • You become the dogs favourite person after taking him for extended walks.
  • Sleep in until 8 o'clock and somehow feel like you have wasted the day.
  • Decide you are going to be very productive and do a whole lot of house work.
  • Realise how little house work you actually do when the other half comes home.
  • Because you now have so much time, you lose all time management skills.
  • Decide it would be nice to go shoe and dress shopping with the wife.
  • Wonder why you went shoe and dress shopping after the line, "Of course I'm not going to try it on today. I'm just not in the mood."
  • Discover how much time facebook can waste.
  • Since the criteria is not to sweat, come up with a weights routine focusing on strength that will hurt, but not induce sweating.
  • Stress that you are going to lose every bit of fitness gained over the last few months of training.
  • In the end, realise that you actually needed a couple of easy days.
  • Sleep a quality nights sleep.
  • Develop some renewed motivation for the next few weeks of training.


  1. LOL---
    Point #3--was me today.

  2. Yep, facebook is a shocker for wasting time off work - half the day is gone because all your mates are on it during various times of their working day!

  3. Hilarious! I can definitely relate. I have been guilty of #7, but kudos to you for shopping with your wife. I can't get my husband into the car if he thinks shopping might be involved. Since I have today off, I am also #1 in my dog's eyes.

  4. Now, if I were a triathlete and had a couple of weekdays off, I'd be doing three sessions per day ;)

  5. LOL, men will never understand not being in the mood to try things on!

    Love the tattoo by the way, that is some serious work, makes my tiny little one look very itty bitty,


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