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Thanks for the questions about my last post, Hamburglar. I'll attempt to answer them here.

What do you do when the form slips?

When performing a progressive set such as the 7x200m the other day, my aim will be to hit the fastest speed I can while maintaining proper technique. For example, if I start losing form in the 4th 200m, then it is most likely I'll complete the last three at a pace just below the that of the 4th. I aim to finish this sort of set, the key variable is pace.

On the other hand, if I am completing a set of intervals that is meant to be at a specified pace/intensity, but I find I can't hold my technique any more, then I am likely to cut this sort of set short. It does depend of what else is planned for the swim session too.

What is the rationale behind the 4x25m Fly?

At the moment my specific swimming fitness isn't very high. My cardiovascular system is going great, but currently my muscular strength and endurance as it relates to swimming is lagging behind. As a result I'm finding I can only get so far while maintaining appropriate technique. One of the worse things to do is resort to bad form once tired. So when I reach this point in a session I stop the freestyle work, but I still would like to do some more work. The answer is to include some of the other strokes, and my favourite is butterfly. I find butterfly just plain feels good, it lengthens me out, seems to improve my hip-flexor flexibility, enhances strength and power and is just plain fun.


  1. It's not fun for me. I'm only good for about 4 strokes - not even enough to get across the pool.

  2. Cheers Jason.

    Praticing technique in the pool for a newer swimmer is tough because the swimming specific fitness isn't high and therefore correct technique can not be held for as long as I would like. So there is a catch 22.

    I suppose the answer is build up technique and fitness slowly over time. But this method doesn't help when you have a race that is looming.


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