5km Prelude

Tomorrow I'm heading back down to Albert Park Lake. This time I'll be racing over only one lap, instead of two like last week. The race is the Father's Day 5km. Not too sure how big this event will be. Also I'm not too sure how I will go. I haven't raced a pure 5km for a few years. Obviously I expect to sustain a faster pace that last week's 10km, exactly how much faster I'm not sure. I have done some number cruching in the different predictors, but they a have given a 3 minute range of times. Not exactly accurate.

So how will I approach the day? Firstly I plan on getting there nice and early for a nice long warm up. I was very happy with last week's warm up, so I'll try to replicate it. Since I placed 11th last week, I'll line up at the front tomorrow. Then when the gun goes off I will head out hard. I aim to run at a pace that feels a bit too fast for the distance. Exactly what this pace is I don't know. Maybe I'll try to stick with the front group. I'll see how it unfolds over the first kilometre. Whatever happens, I think I'll learn something.


  1. It might be worth lacing up the flats for a 5k. Even with a 3k-pace start should be able to hold it together for that distance. Most people's 4th km is the slowest. I'll have a guess at 18:25.

  2. Hope you went hard ;-)


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