Down Time

Trying to fit in work, training, family and other life commitments has the tendency to take up more time than I sometimes anticipate. One question I often ask myself is, does writing this blog take up too much time? The short answer is no.

The longer answer is only if I don't let it. In fact, I find it probably it streamlines the time I put into planning training. By writing down my thoughts and plans I find I don't spend as much time thinking about them when I should be focussing on other things.

So when do I do most of my writing? When I'm at work during some down time. That down time has not existed recently and as a result I am writing a bit less. After all, my primary goal is to continue training and meet my other commitments. I've been a bit time poor over the last few days, but I have still been training, and training well. The current phase is going well.

Go hard, train smart, be safe.


  1. Training comes before writing about it. Hope the down time returns to 'normal'.


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