No excessive soreness or fatigue today after yesterday's VO2 run. I do feel a bit tired, but that can easily be put down to averaging 6 hours of sleep each night over the last week or so, combined with the load at work.

It was into the water this morning for my higher intensity swim. Over the first few lengths I thought the session was going to be a complete waste of time. My arms felt like they had no strength and just no feel for the water. Luckily it was just a warm up thing. By the start of the main set I was feeling good. Speaking of main sets, here it is:

7x200m on 4:30, progressive pace
(ie. first 200m is swum @ 4:00, increase the pace until final 200m is swum @ 3:20)
4x50 on 1:00 in 0:45
4x25 Fly on 1:00

The increase in pace of each 200m allows me to assess how I am holding my technique. It provides a set that covers a range of intensity levels and end with the last couple at around VO2max training paces. In the end a good solid, and I believe productive time in the water. The morning's training was finished off with some plyometrics before heading over to start work.

With the increased volume of higher end, or maximal aerobic training, I am watching my adaptation very closely. So far so good. It looks like I am getting the dose right. The true test will likely be in a couple of weeks after I have completed a few of these sessions combined with the longer endurance work.


  1. Unbelievable workouts lately. once you start pushing endurance work, you're going to see remarkable improvements.

    I just realized that you are racing soon. Good timing.

  2. Interesting to read about the sets you are doing in the pool and the rationale behind it - keep em coming.

    What do you do when/if your form starts to slip? - slow it down or continue on? and what is the rationale behind the 4 x 25 Fly?

  3. Thanks for the advice on my blog. Keeping it simple is straighforward enough for me!


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