Exploding Legs

I'm into the second cycle of my VO2 phase. The first went well. My first VO2 run was solid and my long sessions, while fatiguing and challenging still felt very doable. In fact at no stage did I really entertain any thoughts about stopping.

I now have my second VO2max training set under the belt. This week it was time to tax the cycling muscles. Down in the garage I set up the turbo-trainer, Ipod on and time for 6x3 minutes, with 4 min recovery. This set pointed out there is still a considerable difference between my running and cycling fitness. In running I can hold the high intensity for much longer, but on the bike I need to keep the intervals shorter so my muscle don't crap out too early. I made it through the first five repeats with some difficulty, but the final one took all my effort as the burn engulfed my quads and hamstrings. My form suffered during the final minute.

The shift in training has also seen a change in my body composition. Quite a number of people have been asking if I've lost weight, or saying I'm looking very lean. I'm only down 1kg in body mass, but I have definitely increased my muscle mass. My work pants are starting to pull tight around my quads. Looks like I'm becoming a full blown triathlete again.


  1. Watch out or you'll have bigger quads than Lance ;)


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