New Outcomes

Currently my program doesn't resemble a program. There is no planning ahead. Often I don't know what a session will involve until well into it. I am loving this bit of freedom.

The volume is low, but the intensity has been well up. This hasn't been deliberate. Just that going hard or harder feels so good. As a result I am noticing a couple of distinct changes to how I respond to individual sessions.

First it is getting easier to push hard within a session. There is no longer that almost invisible wall of heavy fatigue that is limiting my top end.

Second is everything hurts that much more during the recovery phase. For the rest of the day and sometimes into the next it is more about a level of pain instead of overall fatigue. The good news is it is obvious when my body has recovered. Such a contrast.

Will this lead to better racing?


  1. That's interesting. My guess is you could race well (PBs) up to around the 10k distance.

    More theoryising here... with the higher intensity you're moving your legs through a similar range of movement to race-pace (doing a lot more of this than if on a traditional high mileage program), so neuromuscular 'strength' is good. Aerobically you're probably down a bit for longer races. I'd say the only danger to holding race fitness is if you do too many anaerobic sessions.


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