Better Swimming

I shouldn't be very good. My swimming over the last year and more has been minimal. There has been so little swimming that I should probably have forgotten how to. Averaging less than two swims per month won't get me very far in the first leg.

Am I worried about this?

Not at all, but today I was thinking about it. The catalyst was that I actually hit the water and followed the black line for a short distance. Being two weeks since my last swim I assumed that at best I would be able to maintain what was possible last time.

Now the times and distances are a far cry from my past and what is required my goal. You have to start somewhere. In swimming I feel like I am starting over again. With that said, I can report I am much better than two weeks ago.

An extra couple of repeats, less rest and faster over all, combined with not feeling like I'd destroyed my shoulder and lats this time show improvement. This got a few neurons firing. What else has helped my swimming?

It could simply be that I had a good day. However I think there's more to it. What is the 'more'?

Strength & Conditioning. Most of my recent exercise has been in the garage with free weights, a thera-band and a swiss ball. I've worked at developing my core function (that doesn't mean sit ups ad nauseum). On top of that I've put in a few sets aiming to increase my absolute strength. Taking some ideas from the crossfit methodology I've performed some of their workouts for variety. The result is a substantial increase in useable full body strength that had dwindled during and since my marathon stint. This has added something when in the water.

This is further kindling added to my fuel ideas for my next bout of training. With the changes in my life, my traditional approaches just won't be possible.


  1. That's a tough one. You could swim in your rainwater tank with ocky straps holding you back ;)


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