Police Games: 5000m

... let's not be too exact.

Unfortunately today's track race was a bit dissapointing. I did achieve my goal, in terms of finishing first and bagging a gold medal, but the event just didn't give the sense of achievement I was hoping for.

The turnout was small, but that's okay. Lining up at the start I was very confident I was likely to be in contention. My plan was to take some of the advice I received recently and not blow it in the first few laps. No 75 second stupidity today. So I went in thinking I would limit my intial speed to no faster than 90 seconds for the first few laps. Within that guideline I would just sit with whoever was up front and let them do the pacemaking. Then I would see how things unfolded.

1:42 per 400m was the resultant starting pace. This felt way too slow. So I kicked up to 1:36/400m and this saw me steadily move ahead, while still feeling comfortable. Today wasn't going to provide a close competition.

Somewhere around the 3000m mark I think, I had lost count of the laps. At least there were lap counters to do that for me. Because it didn't feel like I was racing a 5000m, I changed the pace to 90 second laps to finish off. This was still within my limits and just seemed to freshen my legs. I must have got a lot of my training right.

Soon enough I was given the bell lap. It felt sooner than expected, but then again I haven't run a 5km for a long time, plus I was feeling pretty good anyway. I crossed the line and was given 18:00 as my time. That didn't seem right, but I wasn't in the mood to do the maths yet.

Now to the main problem of the day.... the finish was too soon. 400m short to be exact. It seems the lap counters were confused as to how to mark the time sheets and everyone (except for two) only ran 4600m.

At least I'm fresh for the half marathon.


  1. That's disappointing. With a half marathon tomorrow it was sensible to run tactically for victory rather than a pb, but it is frustrating to realise you did not do the full distance. However you are obviously in great form. Good luck for the half marathon.

  2. Bad luck about that, but congrats on the gold medal.

    I always count my own laps in a 5000 - getting a split on the watch every 2.5 laps. That's because I remember an early 10,000 when I was made to run 26 laps!

    Hope the half went well.


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