End Of Summer

A couple of days into Autumn and the rain has started. Not that we haven't needed it sooner. Drought, fires, water supplies could have used some days of falling water a while ago. I'm sure people will soon be complaining about the rain.

Lucky for me I had a relatively easy night shift so felt close to awake after a coffee at the end of the shift. I celebrated by heading down to the athletics track and punched out 4800m broken up into 400s and 800s at 5000m race pace. The best part is it was all run in the rain. It was a feeling I had forgotten. Nice to finally be reminded.


  1. Not me, have been rained on during my last two runs and I LOVED it, ran better on Wednesday night than I had in ages, so lovely and cool :-)

    Bring on the cross country season!

  2. I noticed yesterday my favourite trail is turning to sand in places because of the dryness. I hope the rain down there is widespread.

    I hope the peaking cycles go well. Looks like you're in pretty good shape.


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