Longer and Faster

Last week my half-marathon-pace run was 8.4km, this week I hit 12.4km. These two runs have provided a good indicator to how my Peak training is going. For the 8.4km I struggled at a bit below my intended pace. The run felt okay, I just couldn't knock off those last 5 seconds per kilometre that I wanted to. This week was so much better. I hit the exact paces I was aiming at. I had to concentrate on not travelling too quick. Naturally I was stuffed at the end of the run, but I now have no doubts I can now reach a certain level at the Games.


  1. Good to hear Jason. Just at the right time too.

  2. The way in which you have stuck to your program despite various minor ups an downs and the challenge of an intensely hot summer, is very impressive. It sounds as if you are in great shape for the games next week. Good luck


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