Three cycles/weeks, designed to fine tune racing skills, develop any last minute weakness and above ensure I am fresh and recovered to perform over the two weekends of the Police games.

All days not listed will be very easy runs of 30-60 minutes at less than 70%HRmax, with mobility work and further recovery aides including ice baths, self-massage etc.

Cycle 1:
  • 8.4km @ half marathon pace
  • Track work fine tuning 5000m race pace, 400s, 800s.
  • Anaerobic capacity training, repeated 400s
  • 400m time trial

Cycle 2:

  • 12.4km @ half marathon pace
  • 10,000 pace work
  • Anaerobic capacity training, repeated 800s
  • MAF test

Cycles 3:

  • 20min @ threshold
  • 60min, very easy with some strides


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