I'm now part way into cycle 7 of Base 1. Overall I managed to get in almost all of the key sessions (long rides and runs). The supplementary work of weights, power and flexibility has also been consistent and regular. Importantly I have noticed I am getting fitter in the way I need to. My aerobic base is redeveloping. While I have probably lost a good portion of the top end speed, importantly my base increasing as it should. The easy paces are becoming faster, there is less heart rate variability and recovery is faster. Next week I'll test the different areas with the 100km Around the Bay in a Day ride, MAF tests, 400m Time Trial and end with a 10km Road Run. This will give a thorough guide as to where my training has taken me leading into Base 2 where the focus really shifts towards running.


  1. Jason--I've been following MAF also. But, I've only been doing what I've been able to find online.

    Do you make adjustments between cycling hr zones and running hr zones? I've read other plans that say to lower your zones by a certain percentage for cycling.

    Does MAF address this anywhere? I've been unable to find anything online. (I'd like to buy his book, but it's ridiculously expensive).

  2. The test results will be interesting. Personally, I haven't been game to do a 400m TT for years - they hurt so much!

    Good point about the adaptable schedule - that's the trouble with many training schedules - if a day or session is missed, there's unnecessary guilt.


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