My body clock is a bit messed up. Firstly with sleep being constantly broken, second with my training sessions at very random times (compared to before) and now daylight savings has just started. The daylight savings period is getting longer each year. Maybe soon it will be all year round. I personally struggle with the concept that putting the clock forward one hour gives you an extra hour of daylight each day. Can't fool me. I know it just results in a different relative time frame for the same amount of daylight. Then again I do most of my training in the morning, so really just get more darkness.

Last night I didn't get to do my training run in until after dinner. A strange concept for me. With 70 minutes of running to do I headed out the door at about 19:30, with no plan as to where I was heading. Every now and then I enjoy picking my running route as I go. Just a few minutes in I remembered there was a trail along Ironbark road that I had only been on once before. Perfect to check out again. So I headed on the broken hard dirt, up and down some steep hills. Soon enough I realised it was now past sunset and the light was failing fast. No street lights, no sealed path. This was fun.

Through the air was a smell of sausages and steaks from the various barbecues in the area. A host of screeching made me look up to see the group of bats contrasted against what little light was left in the sky. This was a good run.

I headed onto Murray Rd which is an unsealed, rough and extremely hilly stretch. The hills are so steep that running down the descent is very difficult and sometimes demands some careful walking, not to slide to the bottom. While in an established controlled fall a couple of kangaroos burst out the bush, and across the road a fair way in front of me. A moment later, I thought I was going to need a change of running shorts. Another 'roo bounded out towards me, and if I didn't stop my forward run it would have taken me out. Of course it continued on and was soon lost in the darkness.

The run was the perfect escape.


  1. You will appreciate daylight saving in a few when your little girl is older and waking up with the sun.

  2. That was a good one. I enjoy running in the evenings - running along a trail and trying to beat the darkness.

    I can relate to the BBQ smells - used to get that every Friday evening when running through Lane Cove Park. The BBQers thought we were mad!

  3. I tried to trick myself by putting the clock forward before I went to bed, but my body wasn't fooled and still felt ripped off.

    As someone who coaches at 6am twice a week I am missing the early morning sun, but I do love those long hot days in January.


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