Around The Bay...

... well just one side of it this time.

Each year Bicycling Victoria hosts the Around The Bay In A Day ride which this year attracted about 17,000 cyclists according to reports. On offer are 50, 100, 210 and 250km rides. The 200km+ rides will take you all around Port Philip Bay, with a ferry crossing between Queenscliff and Sorrento.

I haven't particpated in the ride for a few years. This year my father-in-law talked me into doing the 100km from Sorrento back to the city. He was very convincing, "Want to do the ride?" "Sure."

Anyway I was curious to see how I would go after only doing very low intensity and slow cycling over the last few weeks. Distance wouldn't be a problem, but I had no idea if I could hold anywhere near a pace I would be happy with. I didn't need to worry. The day just fell together into a great ride. Sharing the road with a ridiculous number of cyclists, cruising along the tarmac and bridging gaps in the group was just great fun. I love being fit.


  1. Must have been cool to have the road to yourself with no bogan motorists trying to kill you.

  2. It does sound like a fun day, and 100k is about the perfect distance.


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