First of all, I wish to thank everyone (and there were more than I thought) for all their well wishes, congratulations and the like. The family is now all home and doing well.

Naturally training went out the window over the last few days because I had more important priorities. I only put in one run, which was a Maf Test. The pace was slower than last time but there are likely to be a number of reasons for this, including:
  • Fatigue from lack of sleep
  • Stiff and tired legs from no exercise
  • First relatively hot day (26 degrees)
  • Thoughts were on other topics and raise HR
  • Test 2, was artificially high and reflected too much improvement

I'm expecting this test to be a slight anomaly, but will have to check how the trend goes over the next couple of months.



  1. You are likely to have many more "lack of sleep" days ahead of you. As long as you take it all with a grain of salt (as you have been doing), you'll hit that 5:10 speed again quickly.

  2. Not much you can do about 'lack of sleep' coming up.

    Tiredness, heat and less training probably all contributed. The next few tests will be interesting.


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