Maybe Lose A Bit Of Weight

I had a full medical yesterday. It is paid for through my work and I am impressed with how thorough it is. After getting some blood tests last week and then going through a gamut of tests with a nurse and doctor yesterday I can say I now have a pretty good understanding of my health status.

Just about everything looked perfect. Hearing is above average, but my wife might beg to differ on that. All blood work was great. Musculoskeletal system has no issues. Lung capacity is a little lower than the doctor expected, but this is normal for me, it is not a measure of how well I can use the oxygen, just an indicator of the size of my lungs which does not limit my racing performance. There was only one problem identified.

I have borderline hypertension. My blood pressure is on the high side and after going through my whole lifestyle, nutrition and family history it was concluded that I am doing everything I should be. Looks like it is just in my genes and despite looking after myself I may still end on medication for it later in life, thanks Mum and Dad.

Naturally I asked if there was anything else I could possibly do. The only suggestion was to see what happens if I lose a little bit of weight. This was a surprise to me. After all I am right in the middle of the healthy weight range. A few kilos heavier than my competition weight, but that is to be expected and if anything, in the past I have been told I could be underweight. How much can I lose? Somewhere between 5-8kg may make a difference to my blood pressure and still be a healthy weight. Not what I expected to hear, but it's something to think about.

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." - Voltaire


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