I Am Not A Handyman

If there is one thing I don't enjoy, it is renovations. I like my home to be nice and comfortable, clean and tidy to a certain degree. Giggles will argue about the clean and tidy bit, but I hate cleaning a dirt house just as much, so it is a battle over which I hate the most at the time. I don't understand how people can live for months in a house being renovated, it just doesn't work for me. With that said, I have point out that we are currently renovating our kitchen.

I love my food, and I love cooking good food. So we decided to put up with a few days of renos. Easy, just rip up the floor tiles, get someone to knock down the wall in the middle, bring in a cabinet maker for the cupboards and in no time we have the kitchen we want. Of course it wasn't that simple.

I am not a handyman. I can do some basics, but the bigger stuff is better left to the experts. So when I thought ripping up the tiles would be easy, I was wrong. The sheeting underneath was the wrong sort, the previous owner had gone crazy with a nail gun. A jackhammer was needed and two days turned into five.

We organised the quotes of various trades people needed. This took so much longer than expected. I have now decided if someone does not return my phone call, or turn up on time, then they will never get my business. Eventually it was all settled. The existing kitchen ripped out, electrician, plumber and cabinet maker all set. Instead of one day as promised, the kitchen installation took three. Those three days are enough. This morning the cabinet is finally finished, the electrician has done his work, now I just have to rebook the plumber, get in a tiler and plaster up the cornices, and eventually get the floors finished too.

Unfortunately combined with the kitchen and the fatigue from night shifts, I have now gone for three days without training. I'm not happy about it and I need my fix. I think training is my drug of choice, I go through withdrawal without it. Coffee helps a little, but really, it isn't the hard stuff.

"The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race." - Don Marquis


  1. I am of the "get an man in" school of thinking, HATE anything to do with DIY, that is time that could be spent running :-)

    I so need to do my kitchen but keep putting it off coz of the hassle.

    Looked good in the end though!


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