Feels Like -1.1

It was very cold this morning at 5am. According to the weather site I check, exactly 0.4 degrees celcius. This site also takes into account elements such as wind chill, dew point and many other variables I don't understand to give you a better idea of how cold (or hot) you will feel outside. The site said, Feels Like -1.1 degrees celcius. I'm glad it wasn't raining.

Rugged up in thermal leggins, thicks sock, coolmax undershirt, windbreaker, two pairs of gloves, a banadana and beanie, I set out for a threshold run. My face hurt for the first ten minutes, and my hands were protesting about the cold, even with boths pairs of gloves on, but that soon changed. Nothing like a good solid pace to help forget about the cold. I was also impressed by the number of other runners out at the same time. I wasn't the only person out there looking silly.


  1. And it was foggy too, it would have been such a cool (no pun intended) morning for a run.

    I love that "feels like" gauge, I like to imagine some poor dude standing outside in his undies "man, brrr, it's cold, I know its 2 degrees but it feels like about -1"


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