Base - Day 1

Today is officially my first day of real training. Yes I have been training for the last two months, and while there was meant to be some structure, I found it was broken up a bit. It is now time to stick to the plan and remain consistent. I've just been looking at the list of components (posted yesterday) I need to include in my training and decided it looks way too long. I just need to remember that often, more than one component is included in an individual session. It should be achieved on less than 14 hours of training per seven day period.

Yesterday I went for a very easy two hour ride, that left me feeling very refreshed and ready. I assembled all my gear for work, and prepared my food last night, so I wouldn't waste any time this morning. I've learnt that planning ahead is key.

At 04:40 the alarm wakes me up. I stumble out of bed, somehow put on my clothes while struggling with my contact lenses that managed to bunch themselves up under my eyelids. A quick bite of toast and I'm in the garage for a full body weights session by 0500. Cold morning again, but I was all rugged up and completed the session in about 55 minutes with no problems. Some more food, a quick espresso, shower, change and off to work.

I always feel so much better during the day knowing I have put in a good morning session. It doesn't matter whether its a run, cycle, swim or weights, just as long as it was a solid effort, I tend to have more energy for the day.

"Actions have consequences...first rule of life. And the second rule is this... you are the only one responsible for your own actions." - Holly Lisle


  1. As a big fan of the "Gordo" way, I'll be checking up on your progress with keen interest. 14hrs per week sounds more than reasonable... With all that high intensity training (to me that's everything harder than AT+10 :-)) I can only hope you will get enough recovery time (and by that I mean actual sleep!). Good luck!

  2. So do you wear those "leave 'em in for a month night and day contacts?"

    Any good? I generally only wear mine for running, but it would be great not to mess around trying to stick them in my sleepy eyes first thing (when I can run again of course)

    Good luck with the "real" training, doubt you'll need luck though :-)

  3. Thanks PB, I do go my the motto "We are all an experiement of one." I have tried many different styles of training and found that some things work for me, others don't. I just get slower and slower, even over the long distances with lots of lower intensity work (around Gordo's definition of AT).

    Em, I do use the day/night keep in for a month contact lenses. I find they are great. I originally got them because I was having trouble on nightshifts with trying to take naps. While they say you can keep them in for a month, I find they work better if you take them out a few nights a week.


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