Snake Season

I've seen plenty of snakes over the years while running or just in the bush. I often take a compression bandage on some of my long runs if I'm some of the more isolated trails. This is the first time one has bitten me.

Just out for a local evening run after the kids went to bed. Only about 20 minutes in, I was still running pretty slow. Coming off a little dirt track next to creek, where it is reasonable to assume snake would be I found one. Unfortunately I was less than two steps from the snake when I noticed it. I made a failed attempt to jump away to the side, but got to see it strike my leg.

Since the plan had been an easy 60 minute run in my area, I wasn't carrying a phone or other gear. For a few seconds I tried the denial tactic, but realised that wasn't going to be helpful. As a better plan I tied my singlet around my leg. It wouldn't do much, but it might do something. Then I approached the house just across from me.

The front door opened, and told them I had been bitten by a snake, and asked if they had come compression bandages and to call an ambulance. Soon enough I was reclined on a couch being kept still and having my leg bandaged by a very competent first aider. Her husband was on the phone to the ambulance. I got their names at the time, but am struggling to remember them now.

It was at this time I was able to take stock of how I really was. There was an obvious puncture wound. Initially we thought there was just one, but later on discovered the 2nd, more superficial puncture. There was a bit of pain at the site, but otherwise I felt fine. Absolutely no other symptoms.

Taking a ride as a patient in ambulance when an ambo will always leave me open to a grilling. So thanks to Gary and Darren for the extra splinting, bandaging and barrage of jokes at my expense. Next was a long night at hospital waiting for the all tests required to clear me. The final result was it was probably a dry bite, so no venom injected. Hence the swab didn't show any, and other than some pain in my leg no other problems. Still there were a few blood tests to be done, with the final one being 12 hours after the bite.

What type of snake?
I never will really know. A tiger snake is the most likely. There's plenty in the area. The second likely possibility is an eastern brown, but almost impossible to tell with the short view I got of it.


  1. Wow. Didn't I tell you to watch out for snakes in that long grass? ;) I've seen maybe a dozen over the years. Was chased by an eastern brown in the 80s but on a fire trail so we outran it. I avoid snakey areas in summer now.

  2. I really hate critters (not that I've ever come across a snake). Your story doesn't inspire me to much other than trying to avoid "natural" habitats. Happy for you that the bite appears to have been only superficial. At least you have a great story to tell!

  3. Where were you?...Just so I know?

    1. Eltham, in Melbourne Vic. Near a reasonably busy road, but the track runs along small creek, which is bushy. A place where there is likely to be snakes.


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