Forming The Habit

Last week had the original plan changed. It was a a full night of almost no sleep in hospital that wore me down. Recovery from the actual snake bite was straight forward and quick given that it appear no venom was released into me. Other than a small amount of pain in my leg around the bite on walking over the next, I just really needed to catch up on sleep.

As a result I just skipped the next two days of training. This meant missing my long run. So still no long run since before my knee became a problem a few weeks ago. It would be stupid to try to play catch up on any missed training.

Instead I need to stick with the basics. Probe I can actually handle the initial volume before adding. So getting into a new training week I have to tread a bit carefully. Keep the easy runs very easy. Keep technique on the moderate aerobic conditioning run and treat my long run as my first long in quite a while. So it will be capped back at 2 hours.

It's been too long without some solid consistency in my training. Right now I need to develop the habit of consistent training. At the moment setting things up such as sleep, food, clothes and the extras require a lot of thought to get right. A lot more needs to be second nature.


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