Close Enough

This week started with some gastro. That meant the first three day without training. With the days reduced to five and trying to be careful not to play catch up I looked to see how to key include my key runs. I settled on the following:

Day 1: 80min endurance/aerobic conditioning run. This was my best feeling run in quite a while. Fresh legs obviously helped.

Day 2: easy 60min was the intention, but became a day off. Combination of post gastro, resultant reduced sleep and night shift was too much.

Day 3: Hills for 60min. Just over a series of moderate hills on rough ground keeping the ascents and the top bd of my endurance zone and the downhill dropping the HR into the base zone. It's a key session but not very hard at this stage.

Day 4: easy 60min run.
Later in the day I completed a strength session which gave me about 40min of work. Squats, presses, pull ups plus an assortment of core and remedial exercises.

Day 5: Long run. Planned 2:15, cam back in 2:12. The majority was meant to be in the endurance zone, but about half the run was in the base. I felt like I was pushing things too hard by aiming for that higher HR. So I just stuck where it felt right.

Not a complete week, but the last 5 days were reasonable.


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