Post Feast

After amusing myself by telling my wife I was going for a run Christmas morning just for a reaction. Really there was no way I was going to miss the kids opening presents. The day was a planned no-training day. One to forget about my own version of normality and drink and feast, and otherwise feel half lazy.

For the most part it was a great day. A thunderstorm and hailstorm hit Melbourne with force in the evening. The weather beauro marked is as 'very dangerous'. It gave us a version of a white Christmas in the middle of summer. Our cars took some hail damage, and other than plenty of mess around the house we got away with just some clean up. Others nearby weren't so lucky as roofs and fences were destroyed and some flash flooding had cars behaving more like boats.

The next day I was back to something more usual for me. Work and running. I was feeling a little bit heavier on that morning run before work. The rest of the week was to follow the progressive plan.

The long run now up to 2.5 hours, the moderate run at 1.5 hours and the hill session to see an increase in intensity into the threshold zone. Also on a couple of easy runs each week I'll start introducing a small number of strides or run-throughs depending on what you're used to calling them.

The main challenge this week is I am down a training day because of Christmas day, but in order to have that off work I swapped into working New Year's Eve night shift. That means a busy night on what would have been a day off. So arranging adequate sleep and fitting in the sessions might require a little creativity.


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