Why Not Just Run?

With the reduced training time, one obvious solution is to just focus on running. I have been asked about this a couple of times recently. It makes sense. Get in about 6-8 hours of running each week and I should be able to get out some fast times up to half marathon distance. It is an appealing option in some ways. I wasn't too far away from this approach when I ran my marathon PR last year. There are a few reasons why I haven't chosen this option.

The longer term goal is a major influence. I am still planning on going fast over the half ironman distance in 2010/11. I believe this goal will be better served by having a more balanced approach to fitness.

Enhancing a mix of fitness elements including: strength, flexibilty, power, speed, stability across different modes will hopefully build a strong base fitness that will not only reduce injury risk, but hopefully add to general health. Having young kids and working as a paramedic can place some less than ideal manual handling/lifting scenarios. Focussing heavily on running does erode many of these important elements over time.

Being in the right frame of mind is important. 'Mixing it up' and having a definite focus will keep training as recreation instead of becoming a stress. If I was to just focus on running then I would begin comparing sessions, analysing too much and worrying about lack of mileage or missed sessions. Not where I need to be at the moment.

Maybe I'll more about training. Maybe I'll get more from this approach than I anticipate. Maybe it will just be a good break. Whatever happens I should enjoy the changes to my life.


  1. Sometimes, I am surprised by our seemingly parallel lives....even though we are in different phases of life.

    You have a great approach to your training and an excellent attitude. I think you will be able to handle anything thrown your way!


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