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  1. You're doing well. Any thoughts of hiring or buying a treadmill? I've seen those fold-up 16kph ones on eBay for around $500 second hand.

  2. Personally we bought a life fitness treadmill for about $1000 off eBay. Goes to 20 or 21km/hr. It's no frills, seems to wear reasonbly quickly but does it's job. Also the speeds are a bit out. Saying it's faster by about 0.5km/hr than it really is. The key I think is getting as much continuous horse power as possible. (peak power almost irrelevant). You don't want it straining at common speeds. Paying for programs and other features is a quick way to up the price for not much improvement in what you really need.

  3. Thanks Jason. I was almost tempted this winter, partly for early morning 2nd (short) runs and partly for the (sometimes) terrible weather. Will keep an eye out for that type of thing in the coming months.


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