Time hasn't exactly been my beat friend of late. Yet I still wish I had more of it. No work shift has finished on time in the last week. The kind of benefit is it has got me experimenting a bit with time constricted training sessions.

Based on this week I'm thinking I have a bit more insight into how things will be from a training perspective once the family expands.

The key fitness component I expect to suffer is my base endurance. If I'm not getting out for sessions beyond two hours then it is only logical. This will probably be the hardest part for me. Afterall I co wider myself an endurance athlete.

On the plus side I now have the mental freedom to simply do whatever I feel like when I get the chance. Without being constrained by an upcoming event or set training protocol I can simply have a lot of fun when I get the chance to get out there. Maybe it's the perfect time to work on other elements of fitness.


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