Putting It Together

How do I plan to get that bit more out of my training?

The concept is simple. I will focus on more short term goals. Train hard for those. In the background, I will keep in mind that my major goal is to race at my best for half ironman in 2010/11. This should allow stop the feeling of 'underwhelming training' that often goes with being a long way out from a goal. It also gives me the permission and incentive for some really hard training at times.

Remembering that my training hours and ability to plan will be substantially altered after the not so distant birth of kid number two. So I know I will have a period of maybe 8 or so weeks that I probably have to consider as an off season. Around this is where my current plan fits.


I will pick a race to perform well at.

Then depending on how my roster falls I will take 3-8 days lead up for taper/peak training.

Prior to the taper/peak days I will perform 3 weeks/cycles (usually 8 days per cycle) where I will focus my training primarily for the upcoming race.

Each week will likely consist of the following:

  • Long run
  • Long ride
  • Key swim
  • Hard day - usually intervals on both the bike and run (either as a brick or split)
  • Focus session - specific for the upcoming race

The rest of the days will be a mixture of swimming, cycling, running and strength work at however I can fit it in.

The key difference from my recent training is the extra Focus session. This is meant to be a hard, race specific outing. Whatever I think is required to get my best performance at the upcoming race.


When not in Focus training, I will cut the Focus session. Training will either be as balanced as I can get it, or will work at bringing what is currently my weakest link. Essentially following my standard template.


My drive is moving to finding ways to get in good solid training, with the occasional stints or individual days of some really hard work. Consistency is still key to overall, continuous improvement. I need to get something in every day. However, a very big change for me is I am moving away from the minor details. I no longer care as much if the intervals were covered in 3:42 or 3:45, as long as I got in a good amount of work. I am now ditching the heart rate monitor for about half of my training. This seems to be working better for me.


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