Pick A Race...

... and that race is the Devilbend Half Marathon, 8th August.

How I picked this race didn't exactly have a lot behind it. The process was just a matter of looking at what weekends I have available to race in the next couple of months. The answer was only a couple. One of those weekends I didn't like the choice of races. The other brought up the Devilbend Half Marathon. A race I haven't entered before, but 21.1km run over dirt roads down on the Peninsula has a certain appeal.

To follow the guidelines set out in Putting It Together means I start the focussed training sooner than I realised. The first cycle begins this Saturday. This will give me 3 x 8 day focus weeks, plus 6 days for the taper/peak.

Better come up with some more details for the plan.


  1. Jason--how many miles a week do you run when prepping for a half marathon?

    I'm asking because this year, I've been focused on the half marathon. I've made some changes to my training that seem to be working well. For me, that mean higher quality lower quantity. (keep in mind that my run times usually come in below the 50th percentile. I'm not exactly speedy). I know at some point, I will need to increase my mileage. So, I'm always interested in hearing from people who are considerably faster than I am.

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