Off Season Training

No races in the near future. Reduced time and opportunity for training sessions. Less chance of big, long training days. Sounds like the off season.

The key reason behind this is kid number two is due in a few short weeks. Separate to the reduced sleep and extra commitments the new addition brings there is also the expectation Mum will have some six weeks of recovery without being able lift almost anything. That means I need to be on hand, especially a nearly two year old thrown into the mix.

With family taking a clear first place in priorities, training falls long way behind. Naturally I still like to keep up some level of training. I am a big believer in physical activity playing a major role in all aspects of my health. Secondary to that, it helps ensure my ability to meet the needs of family. On the hand, training cannot in any way take away from family.

There are quite a number of solutions. What I plan won't represent an ideal program for endurance sports or follow what typically has worked for me in the past. What it should do is allow some level of training, release and not impose on any part of being a Dad for the second time round.

I may even find improvement in some aspects of my fitness.


  1. You're so smart. You don't know what your commitment will be, and it could change daily. The important thing is for you to do what you can when you can. Everything else will fall into place.
    I don't remember how far apart your kids will be. Mine were 20 months. It's challenging, but it can be done. You'll be happier because you did. :)

  2. Good priorities. You're following Lucho's first two rules of training:
    1) Family comes first.
    2) Did you read #1? If not, please read again.

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