A Good Test

A half marathon is definitely a good fitness test for the endurance athlete. Looking back at the race and seeing how the body goes with two recovery days gives some good information. So what do I take away from the test?

- My strength/stability training is working: it was easier than usual to keep good form throughout the race, plus this is about the first race of a descent distance where I didn't feel fatigue anywhere in my back.
- My base levels of fitness are good. Running 1:27:50 without much run volume, lower intensity intervals and easy long runs means I should have plenty of room for improvement.
- There isn't much acid buffering or tolerance to be able to run much faster in 10km events.
- Injury risks have shown up in my lower legs. Left sided Peroneal muscles are tight and are affecting the distal attachments. Right Soleus is tight within the muscle sheath. Need to be dealt with to avoid future problems.
- Overall, the basics are good and reinforce that I can get to where I want to be as long as I allow enough time and keep consistent.


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