The first training cycle is completed. For the most part it formed the template of what I hope to be a typical training week. Of course, I want to see progression in the key sessions. I stuck to the plan and got in a good quality long run and VO2 session. The speed and threshold runs came later and went as expected. I'm feeling good. Running is feeling better each day. The only deviation from the plan, is have delayed today's strength training by a day. Deciding to race a 10km event tomorrow was a last a minute decision. To give myself a chance of a good performance, without an increased injury risk, I thought racing while recovering from a recent weights wouldn't be the best plan. So I'll simply move it to after the race.

As for how I expect to perform tomorrow... I really don't have anything to gauge what I am capable of. The VO2 and threshold sessions haven't been run over any measured course. The 100m intervals for the speed sessions were timed at the track, but I have not looked at them. Instead they are uploading into my training log for future reference. All I can do is just go out and race to see what happens. At least I'll get a 10km time to work from.

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