Nothing beats seeing definite fitness improvement in a short time frame. In only one week, my ability to recover post race has improved. With a greater distance and more downhill running I was expecting to take at least the same amount of recovery time. Last week I definitely need three easy days (including a day off), but this week, two comfortable days of running was enough. This meant I was able to get into my long run a day earlier than hoped.

At the moment I seem to be trying to avoid the regular run courses for my long runs. I also tend to vary my driving routes just to elevate boredom too. This time I really took a path that was mostly untrodden by my own feet. A quick look in the Melways I found the inspiration I was looking for. If I started at Gresswell park and just headed out on the many, many trail options I had plenty of twists and turns to keep me amused. Keeping in mind that I generally wanted to head south-west to ensure there was always some trail close by.

Without much more of a plan I strapped on my water bottle, phone, keys and emergency gel in the pockets. My watch was set to beep at 70 minutes to alert me to turn around. It took a little longer than usual to throw the stiffness aside, but eventually I was up to speed and cruising. Only choosing to turn as the options appeared eventually I found myself heading into Bundoora Park. Since I was in the territory why not head up to Mount Cooper.

Off the concrete path, around the surrounds of the golf course and then up hill. This part of my run I had covered plenty of times in my past. The difference this time I was running gut-wrenching hill repeats. This time I could enjoy the climb and the view the suburbia's highest point. Only 137m above sea level, and surrounding not really being that much lower, the climb is extreme. However, it is a good, near 360 degree view.

Just one of those days where I am reminded why I run.


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