Against The Backbone

My training template appears to be working. Race versus Training weeks seems to be the right approach. In fact, the priority system for training sessions I am using fits in well with the other demands of life. The stress of missing sessions isn't there. So far, no key runs have been missed. Recovery is being achieved. If I require a further easy day, then I just take it. If I'm struggling then I can drop one of the harder sessions. Also, there plan provides a few constant that allow me to compare performance over time. It all seems to be working.

On the other hand, life sometimes involves things that call for a different approach. In the upcoming week we're moving house. Combined with work and other necessities, that means training time will be substantially reduced. Something about priorities.

Naturally I still struggle with the idea of substantially reducing my training over a week. With a bit of thought, it's now clear that doesn't have to mean a reduced training effect. So a little modification in my approach, means I am still hitting the key principles from my original training template. Over the next week, I will only have two key workouts:
  1. Long Run - I'll add 10 minutes to take me out to 2hr 30min. Run at a solid steady-state aerobic pace, hopefully with a faster finish.
  2. Hard Run - The exact format I haven't decided on. Time will be a factor, but it will include some sustained, fast VO2max style running, plus some faster work to finish off. A couple of steps above what I am doing most weeks.

For the rest of the week, I'm likely just to get in a handful of shorter, easy runs. However, the extra load from the two key runs should require more recovery in between. In a way it's almost a race week. Hopefully it can provide a good boost to my training and performance levels.


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