Sri Chinmoy Foreshore Run: 10km - Race Report

A bit of number crunching earlier in the week gave a prediction of 38:40-38:55. Pre-race the plan was to ignore split times and just run on feel, which has been proving to be the best approach for me over the last few years. The weather for race had me throw out any time goals.
According to the conditions during the race were:
Temp: 13-14degrees celcius
Rainfall: nil during my warm-up or the race, but was torrential either side.
Wind: SSW 20km/hr progressed to 39km/hr with gusts of 46km/hr
Who knows how much affect the wind really had. First it definitely slowed me down when running into it, but I think it also took out any spring left in my legs as the race progressed. Otherwise it was a flat, 2-lap course. Nothing fancy just a solid 10km. I finished outside the top 10 and a few seconds slower than last month in 39:37. The standard of the field was a bit higher too. Despite the slower time, I think the conditions masked the mild improvement I have achieved through the last few weeks of training. Everything still appears on track.


  1. Sub 40 is great though, Williamstown is always a bit of a bugger of a run.

  2. Yes, probably a minute quicker on a calm day. On Saturday I had to work harder running down the hills than up them because of the wind.

  3. Well done. Your no HARM approach to your peroneus longus injury appears to have worked well


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