Section 10

The first medium run of the threshold phase of training. Perfect sunny weather. Good mixture of trails. It was just one of those runs that reminds me of why I enjoy it so much. The run felt easy-fast. Where you know you're travelling at a good pace, but it just feels right. 100 minutes of fun.

People often ask what I think about when running for so long. Anything beyond 10 minutes seems to be considered by those who ask the question. Based on today's run here's my answer:

Why do people insist their dog if fine when it jumping on other people?
Why do people get aggressive when you ask them to call their dog away from the two old guys it is jumping on?

If I run faster, then I'll start hurting... today I like not hurting.

I could do with another coffee, speaking of which I wonder how many days I have left with my current beans.

Cool! I'm running faster up this hill than those cyclists are riding.

Why do people sitting inside their cars, eating McDonald's for breakfast, who struggle fitting their gut between the seat and steering wheel always insist on yelling out to the guy running. No matter how many times I hear the lines, "better you than me... add a mile for me... want a lift... how about a beer?..." and the like, I still don't find them funny.

This is a good beach day... pity I don't live near the beach.

My ankle is still handling the running.

We're happy little Vegemites...

Sealed road, or rough track? Not a choice really, gotta be the rough track.


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